Preview text is a snippet of content displayed underneath, or next to, the from name and subject line in your subscriber's inbox.

It's a great way to set the tone of the email, as this is the first bit of content your subscriber will see. Your preview text is a great opportunity to include secondary messaging to a short, attention-grabbing subject line. It can help generate a stronger open rate with additional messaging.

Here are some examples of subject line/preview text combos. Again, the preview text is the copy on the far left and to the right of the subject line:

Notice that the preview text above all combines an urgency and wit, along with clear explanations and expectations of what the user can expect once they open the email.


Your preview text is really just another opportunity to message alongside your subject line. While preview text is supported by most major email applications, the character count they show does vary, so it’s often a good idea to:

Keep preview text on the shorter side
Include main points and buzzwords towards the front
Include a sense of urgency call out
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