In our latest release we've focused on improving webforms. We've made over a dozen enhancements, however here's some of the most useful items you should know about.

Ability to enable and disable the branded header

Sometimes you just want a plain old form and nothing else, so we have added the option to disbale the webform page only shows the form as you designed it. You can manage this at 'Step One' of building a form

2. Ability to enable and disable the form title

Until now the webform title was a permanent feature that would always appear at the top of your form... we realised that the title is not always wanted and in some instances completely unnecessary - so we've added the ability to disable the title from your form. You can manage this at 'Step One' of building a form

3. Ability to disable webforms

This is a great feature if you have a form or survey that you use repeatedly, but only want live to the public at certain times. Switch your form on and off as you please.

4. Form Headers and Footers

We've added some new design features that allow you to create a header and footer for your form. The header and footer are constantly visible through multi step forms and on the confirmation message once a form is complete.
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