To ensure your campaigns display as you would expect them to in your subscribers' inboxes, you should always send yourself (and others in your team) a test email (or several).

When you build or preview email campaigns in Onesend, you're viewing them in a web browser. While they may look pixel-perfect in preview, due to the different capabilities of email inboxes and web browsers, and customizations such as personalised and localised content, it's possible things could look different for your recipients.

We've done a lot of testing on your branded theme to help you to create the most compatible email across popular email clients. But since you will be adding in your own text and images and maybe altering some of the modules, things can change.

For these reasons, it's important to test your emails before you send. The results don't need to be identical across all email inboxes, but they should be viewer friendly.

Before you send a campaign, you can run a quick test. With a quick test you can send your campaign to yourself and others in your team at no cost.

To run a quick test:

When creating your campaign, at 'Step 4 - Email Content' you can click the 'Save and Send Test' button, this will popup a window where you can upto 10 email addresses to recieve a 'test' version of the campaign. Onesend will append '[Test]' to the subject line, this will help you identify test campaigns from actual campaigns.

Test, test, test, and test again.
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