Onesend 2.0 is by far, the largest and most comprehensive release we have undertaken since the launch of the Onesend Digital Marketing Cloud in 2016. There have been many infrastructure and back-of-office improvements as well as some welcome features and functionality improvements which are summarized below.

Template Builder Improvements
The Onesend Template Builder has received some major improvements as part of the Onesend 2.0 Release.

Watch the video here

Onesend Help Centre
The Onesend Knowledge-base and Help Centre is now available in the Top Right-hand corner of the Dashboard menu within your Onesend Account and is also a standalone website with it's own URL:
The Knowledge-base will soon feature video tutorials and additional training instructions once Onesend 2.0 is launched on Monday 23rd April 2019.

You will find a summary of the improvements, tasks and bug fixes completed as part of Onesend Version 2.0 below:


EP-1082:** Billing  Automation integration with Stripe (phase 1)    
EP-1089: V2 - API Spam Assassin for Spam Check/Score
EP-1103: REX Integration  - Need a visual representation of the import process
EP-1105: SMS vs Email subscribe/opt-in
EP-1106: Neverbounce check for Retail Express sync  
EP-1107: Integrate with SendGrid
EP-1108: Integrate with Twilio
EP-1118: Custom Field refactoring
EP-1120: Send Process optimisations
EP-1121: V2 - Multiple IPs to be configurable on a per account basis
EP-1122: API updates from REX
EP-1123: REX flow changes
EP-1124: V2 - Login to  sub accounts with user details from parent account - autologin
EP-1126: Mailchimp migration tool
EP-1148: Need email  validation in Settings > Communication Settings
EP-1153: Stripe invoice list filter
EP-1154: Stripe Usage API's
EP-1166: Webform - Update Details (Pre-populate)
EP-1197: Empty Wildcard Fields - Fallbacks
EP-1208: Beacons Trigger Response
EP-1209: Beacons Trigger  Response Optimisation
EP-1265: Form Builder CF Refactoring
EP-1277: Ensure that all  transactional emails can be sent through a different email gateway /  configuration
EP-130: AUTO - Need email "password activation" when  creating a new client account
EP-1311: Webform Results  as PDF
EP-634: Onesend Platform Terms and Conditions for all  Adminstrators
EP-932: Sub acount  Approval Process
EP-961: API - Retail Express integration improvements
EP-999: DKIM Automation


EP-1117: 1 million contacts test
EP-1157: User Export to  use POST variable instead of GET string to submit data
EP-1185: SMS Sending
EP-1198: Test Campaign  with contact data
EP-1250: Cleanup of Roles

Bug Fixes

EP-1099: V2 - Post Code  field removing the 0 off the start of 0830
EP-1102: The email link icon is not inserting 'mailto:' before email  addresses
EP-1119: Group Totals -  generating them in the background
EP-1130: Ability to delete an Account
EP-1162: RE-Captcha  Issue
EP-1190: Epicuest Account inactive/active issues
EP-1307: New Template -  Wrong Thumbnail/Icon
EP-1358: Template Builder  -  Can't change BG colours of modules or reduce the spacing
EP-1359: Contacts -  Import Contacts - Dynamic Groups are visible/available
EP-1380: Templates - error when cloning a template    
EP-1387: Retail Express  integration with 2.0 custom fields    
EP-1411: Template Builder - can't access any existing templates    
EP-1418: UI Fixes for  2.0    
EP-552: Buttons now allowing backspacing    
EP-955: V2 - 'Cancel  Schedule' Redundancy - 2nd Level    
EP-973: V2 - Client Account Tag option in sub accounts
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