We're continuing to address bugs, issues and see some BIG improvements on our way to OneSend 2.0. See what's new in release 1.4.7 below.

Intelligent MemoryWe’ve added in some much needed functionality where the platform will now recall the last folder you were in, as well as recall some of the most recent setting changes you've made.

To date it has been a frustrating task to update a series of images in a campaign or template when the images are in sub folders, as you had to drill down into the folders every single time... Now, the file manager will remember the last folder you were in, and will open directly in that folder, saving you a ton of clicks, time and frustration. Likewise, if you are viewing campaigns and change the display status to Draft, Scheduled, or Sent, the next time you visit the Campaigns page it will default to that last setting.

This is just the beginning; we will be adding this 'intelligent memory' to other sections of the platform in coming updates, so stay tuned!

Parent account to send a test email to all admins of a Pushdown campaignWe've added in an exciting new feature that allows Partner and HQ accounts to send a test email to all the sub-accounts that are included in a Pushdown campaign, allowing the sub-account administrator to see exactly what the campaign will look like before it gets sent on their behalf. This provides an opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions before delivery.

Partner and HQ account ability to email all sub-account admins
We have added in the ability for Partner and HQ accounts to generate a group of contacts made up of all their subaccount’s administrators – allowing them to send an email campaign directly to the administrators. This is very handy if the Partner/HQ account wants to communicate directly with all of the active sub account administrators.

Bulk Share Templates With TagsFor Partner and HQ accounts, we have introduced sharing of Templates via tags. This feature will increase the scalability of sharing and reduce the amount of time spent doing it. To use this feature, you must first create 1 or more ‘client tags’ (Setting > Manage Tags), then when viewing the details of a template click the ‘share by tag’ link, select the tags and the template will be shared with all the sub-accounts that have the same tag.

Webforms - lost auto-responder design
We fixed a bug within the webform builder that was stripping the auto-responder design down and sending a blank auto-response email.

Password reset functionality for adminsWe fixed an intermittent bug that was causing the password reset to fail when an administrator used the 'forgot password' feature.

Template Builder - scrolling when editing large text areas
We fixed a usability issue where the template builder was preventing the user to scroll down within a large block of text. Now, your text block can be as long as your arm and you’ll be able to scroll with ease!

Retail Express integration sub-domain URL Field
For Retail Express customers we have updated the Retail Express Integration, making it easier to set up. During the initial set-up the Retail Express domain name only needs to be entered instead of the full WSDL URL.
e.g. [https://[accountname].retailexpress.com.au/](https://cloud.epicuest.com/_admin/edm/campaign/emailpreview/77#) instead of [https://[accountname].retailexpress.com.au/ + dotnet/admin/webservices/v2/ inventoryplanning/inventoryplanningservice.asmx?wsdl](https://cloud.epicuest.com/_admin/edm/campaign/emailpreview/77#)

404 messages in the campaign processWe eliminated a 404 message that was incorrectly presenting itself during the campaign process.

Notifications styling issueWe’ve updated all of the notifications in the platform to have a consistent look and feel.

Relocate the 'Send Password Reset Email' linkWhen an administrator is created they are also added to the contacts list, so they can be added to groups and receive campaigns. The 'Send Password Reset Email' link was located in the Contact 'view' page, instead of the Administrator 'View' page, which seemed counter intuitive, so we relocated the link in the Administrator 'View' page.

Theme Display Issue
We fixed an issue where themes were not showing in the template builder during the campaign process. All the modules would appear, but the theme panel was empty. Now, both the modules panel and themes panel display their content.

'Website' wildcard rendering
We've updated the Account Website wildcard to include the directory after the domain name. E.g. www.mydomain.com.au/folder/pagename was being truncated to www.mydomainname.com.au. Now, the entire URL will render for that wildcard.

UI/UX - Menu Consistency
We've made some subtle changes to the Main Menu, to keep it consistent and unified so you can find what you are looking for more quickly and easily.
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