We're continuing to address bugs, issues and improvements on our way to OneSend 2.0. See what's new in release 1.4.6 below.


Button Manager
Editing button's has been a real pain in the neck, sometimes it works and other times... well, not work. So we've created a new button manager to help style and format your buttons exactly as you want them. To use the new button manager simply use the '_Edit Item_' tool while editing a template or campaign, and click on a button - it will launch the button manager.

Remove deleted sub-accounts from list views
Previously, if you managed sub-accounts, deleted accounts were still showing up in account list views. We've made an update to remove all deleted accounts from showing in any list views throughout the platform

Delivery receipts for scheduled campaigns
We've added in some new functionality that will send you a 'sent receipt' when a scheduled campaign has completed sending. This gives you an added layer of reassurance - knowing that the super important campaign you scheduled to be sent today has in fact been delivered. To enable delivery receipts in your account go to Settings > Site Settings and update the '_Notification Email Addresses_' field.

"Powered by Onesend"
We have reduced the size of the "Powered by Onesend" at the base of the campaigns. We had received feedback that it was too big and over powering. On review we agreed so we made it smaller

404 page title
We fixed a small issue where the page title for web forms was defaulting to '404'

Retail Express password storage
We fixed a bug effecting newly activated Retail Express integrations where the username was being copied to the password field and being stored, making the synchronisations fail.

Style Alerts
We've made a small improvement to the user interface by styling 'information alerts' so they stand out, drawing your attention to important information.
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