In 2018 we've been working on some big platform enhancements for version 2.0 of Onesend including deliverability enhancements, subscription management, SMS features, platform performance and more... it's been keeping us busy and we're still working on it for a release later this year... but we've been able to release some platform enhancements and fix some irritating bugs along the way, and we'll continue to release small updates as we work towards the release of 2.0. We released version 1.4.5 on the 1st of July with the following updates.


Colour update
We received feedback that our Teal coloured buttons we're difficult to read on some screens due to the screen creating a fluorescent colour and washing out the white text. So we have introduced a darker Blue colour scheme to the user interface to improve readability in these instances.

Just 40 pixels
We fixed a user experience issue in the template builder where, when an item was deleted, the confirmation notification would cover the tool bar by 40 pixels - making the user wait a second or two before they could change tools or delete another item. We've updated the notification to be positioned to the side and out of the way of the tool bar. A small improvement for a hugely improved experience.

Post code field
We fixed an issue with the default postcode field where it would truncate any postcodes begining with zero e.g. 0820 would become 820

Manage my subscriptions - Not loading public groups
We resolved an issue where some public groups were not being displayed when the 'manage my profile' link was clicked in a campaign.

Contacts - Error 500
We fixed a bug that was presenting an 'Error 500' alert when filtering or searching contacts.

Inactive account
On login to an account, we run a check for its active status. If it is not active, then the login box shows a notification that says “Account inactive. Please contact OneSend.”

No templates found
We fixed a bug for Microsoft Edge where, during the campaign process, when selecting a template a message of “NO TEMPLATES FOUND” would appear when templates were available.

Auto login improvement
We've made an improvement to the way a parent administrator is auto logged into a sub-account. Previously the parent administrator would be logged into the sub account as the first listed admin of the sub account - this caused inaccurate statistics and admin logs, as well as potential login conflicts. Now when a parent administrator auto logs into a sub-account, the platform automatically generates a new admin record for the parent administrator, giving them unique independent access.

Lost entire content in campaign
We received some reports of customers losing their entire content from a campaign, during the campaign creation process. Since receiving these reports we have added additional programming to the step by step process to prevent any loss of content.

Contacts - number of rows per page
we fixed a bug in the View Contacts page, where the fields settings feature to change the number of rows per page was not working. Its been fixed and you can change the number of rows per page to 10, 50, 100, 500

Custom fields 'save' button behaviour
We fixed an issue, where editing a custom field, then clicking on the 'save' button didn't go anywhere, it just turned grey. We've updated the behaviour so on click of the 'save' button you are taken back to the 'View' state of the field.

Ungrouped contacts
We've added a notification the 'View Groups' page that will alert you if you have contacts that are not part of a group. This will help reduce the risk of excluding contacts from campaigns that they should have received.

Total subscribed contacts
If you're a parent account owner/administrator you will see a new column in the list of your sub-accounts, 'Total Subscribed Contacts', this new column gives you a quick summary of the total subscribed contacts within the sub-account.

BeaconNear improvements****

Content section
Ensure that the content section refreshes when editing a beacon display in multiple languages

Display item language validation.
We've updated the UI to ensure that a display item cannot be created unless all selected languages have been validated successfully.

iOS crash
We have fixed a bug that crashes the BeaconNear app on selection of the feed tab.

Multiple master beacons
We've made an enhancement to the platform that allow multiple master beacons per site.

Cache first
We've made a performance enhancement to the BeaconNear app that will always check the cache during a beacon resolve on the users device, before attempting an online route.

Master beacon identification.
We've made an enhancement to the platform UI to indicate which beacon is a master beacon.
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