This release fixes a few small bugs including:

Advanced search - filter based on 'field type'

Changes in the advanced search & dynamic group builder:

"is not empty" for both core and custom fields
"is empty" only for core fields for now.
number/date/date-time fields have range fields (between and not between)
option custom fields now have different constraint holders (contains/not contains opens up a multi select and matches/not matches uses a single select field)

Ordering/Sorting contacts via 'custom fields'

Fixed a bug where sorting on a custom field applied a filter - only showing items with data and removing all others

Missing data in webform CSV export

Fixed a bug where exported CSV files from webform records were missing data from multi-select fields.

Pagination when viewing webform activity

Fixed an issue where some webforms were showing 400+ pages of results in the pagination.

Deleted contact refresh issue

Fixed an issue where the 'View Contacts' page would not refresh after a contact record was deleted.

Ordering modules

Fixed a bug where the order of modules displayed in the Template/Email Builder was not the same as it was ordered in the Theme manager.
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