Over the weekend we updated Onesend with our latest released, 1.4.2. This release focused heavily on dynamic groups, custom fields and webforms, as each of these areas of the platform interconnect and relate with each other. We have released a few other features including the long awaited 'wild cards' in subject lines and emojis. We also went on a Bug killing spree. The release of 1.4.2 will give you more control, automation and power in segmenting you contacts, allowing you to send highly targeted campaigns, delivering valuable content to those who are eager to receive it!


Dynamic Groups and Advanced Search can now use 'Multi Option' fields
Until now you could only segment contacts based on data stored in _text_ fields. What this meant is that you couldn't segment based on data stored from/in radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down fields or Multi select fields... which was a massive drawback. Segmenting on simple things like customer preferences or contact types was impossible... but now you have the full power to segment on these custom fields.

Simplified importing data into custom multi select fieldsBefore this release if you wanted to import contact information in to a checkbox/radio/drop-down/multi-select field you had to spend some time getting the format right... it looked a little like this:
[{"id": optionAId, "value":optionA},{"id": optionBId, "value":optionB},{"id": optionCId, "value":optionC}] FREAKY, right? Well, now all you need to do is use a comma to seperate the values, simply!

Wildcards for email subject lines
We're super excited about this one! Personalisation is very powerful when it comes to engaging with your audience. People like to hear their own name and they appreciate when you use it. From day 1 you have been able to use wild cards to personalise your email content, such as the contact's first name using %%__firstname__%%, but you couldn't personalise the subject line... Now you can include the exact same personalisation in the subject line as you can in your content. We encourage you to use this tool as research shows that personalised subject lines do increase the open rate of a campaign.

Emojis in Subject lines
While we were building in the wild card feature in the subject line field we also built in the use of Emojis. Emojis are a great way to convey a message without using up the limited amount of text available in a subject line. They also grab the attention of the reader who is scrolling through their emails - much like personalised subject lines, Emojis have been proven to increase open rates when used appropriately.

New WYSIWYG editor
The text editor shows up throughout the OneSend Cloud, in places like the Webform description and when coding your own Email Newsletter. We've updated it, making it easier to use all round.

Additional Data Columns for View Campaigns TableWe've added in a few new columns to the 'view Campaigns' table... this particularly useful when viewing a list of sent campaigns as these columns show your basic 4 stats: 'Opens' 'Bounces' 'Click-Throughs' 'Delivery'. This gives a clear snap shot of your past campaigns performance and you can easily export the data for meetings and reports.

Tracking through Google Analytics 1.0
We have introduced UTM tags to the links of campaigns. UTM tags are used by Google Analytics to help identify where traffic to your website is coming from, and which traffic sources are converting. In version 1.0 you will need to request the UTM tags to be enabled, by sending an email to support@epicuest.com or chatting to us on the Epicuest chat when logged in to your account. In version 2.0 we will automate the process and have UTM tags included in the 'Settings' area of your account.

As mentioned above, we went on a Bug killing spree during this round of updates. Here's what's been SQUASHED!

When loading a saved Query the Name or Description was not showing;
When editing a Dynamic Group it would break the search clauses that made up the segmentation - meaning the search clauses had to be recreated and saved again;
Custom checkbox field values were not displaying in 'View Contacts';
Custom checkbox field values were not displaying when added to a contact;
Dynamic Groups were being displayed as available options where they should not, such as during the import process;
Unable to edit / delete custom drop-down fields;
Custom fields values were not displaying in webforms;
Multiple instances of the same field were being created from save button.

Webforms not keeping my 'Confirmation' option visible;
Multi Step webforms were losing mandatory validation on additional pages;
Multi Step webforms had a navigation bug on the 'previous page' button;
Webforms had 'mandatory' setting on titles causing a validation issue.

'Save Template' issue, where the user was taken to the template listing on save;
Could not delete administrators out of an account;
Pushdown campiagns not delivered to sub groups even thought they were 'parent accessible';
Could not type in the WYSIWYG editor, the 'focus' area was too small - NEW wysiwyg released;
Campaign content completely rolled back to default template;
Only show direct sub accounts in push down campaigns;
'Powered By' image updated.
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