The first quarter of the year is only days from being over, and with the latest 1.3.9 release we have listed here a summary of the improvements and bug fixes that we have resolved over the last 3 months. Thank you to every one who has helped identify/report/comment on these improvements/fixes. We have many more enhancements in store and will continue to roll these out as they become available.


Increase character count on account phone field

We have increased the character count on the ‘account phone’ field allowing the account owner to add in multiple phone numbers or additional information - giving the account owner more freedom and customisation over how their account information is displayed and seen in footers, headers and system pages.

New ‘secondary website’ field

We added an additional field in the ‘Account Details’ called ‘Secondary Website’ this was created due to customer feedback, needing more control and customisation over how their account information is displayed and seen in footers, headers and system pages. And also so Parent pushdown campaigns can better manage campaign hyperlinks to ecommerce sites and other specific URLs and web pages.

Since releasing this we’ve had massively positive feedback in the effectiveness of pushdown campaigns and the click through capabilities.

Hyperlink manager improvement

We have improved the hyperlink manager user interface to be much wider, so you can see the majority of your URL when updating links and buttons

Redesign web form notification email

we revamped the web form notification email to look nicer, but more importantly to make it easier to read so you can action them quickly and effortlessly.

Bulk file/document management

Have you got a bunch of images or documents in the wrong folder? You can now bulk move files and documents from one folder to another - simply view your files in the list view and select the range of files you want to move, then select the actions from the ‘Bulk Actions’ fields at the bottom of the page.

Icon update for groups 

A small cosmetic change but one that should make differentiating between static groups and dynamic groups much easier. 

to see the icons just view groups (you will need to have or create a dynamic group to see the ‘dynamic group’ icon)

Import contacts - 'Next' button

When we upgraded the Contact Import process to include the notice about NeverBounce (our premium email validation partner)  the ‘Next’ button got pushed down and was out of sight for those using smaller screens - we realised this wasn’t very good for usability so we moved it back up above the notice so it was easily seen and actioned.

Re-label & re-order main menu

You’ll notice the main menu has had a subtle upgrade - we’ve renamed the items ‘Content Assets’ to ‘Media’ ‘Web Forms’ to ‘Forms’ and ‘Communications’ to ‘Campaigns’ we also rearranged the order slightly to be more consistent with a user’s workflow.

Timezone settings 

The timezone setting was appearing in 2 places, which was a little confusing, so we reduced it to appear in just 1 place - Settings > Site Settings. The timezone setting ensures your campaigns are sent based on your specific timezone… which is pretty important when you are dealing with variables like daylight savings, and some states being 3 hours difference. Setting your timezone means you’re in control of exactly when your campaign is sent.


Thumbnails missing

We fixed a bug where ‘Parent Shared’ templates were missing their thumbnail images.

Parent shared templates not loading at 'Step 4' of the campaign process

We fixed a bug where Parent shared templates were not loading in step 4 of the campaign process

Custom code campaign - can not go past 'Step 4'

We fixed a bug that was preventing the user from continuing on from Step 4 to Step 5 when creating a new campaign using the Custom Code option

Exporting contacts from campaigns - all contacts exported

We fixed a bug in the campaign reports where all recipients were being exporting even if they had been filtered by status (e.g. hard bounce, opened, sent)

Newly created groups not displayed in group dropdown

We fixed a bug where new newly created groups were not being displayed in the group filter dropdown field in the ‘View Contacts’ area.

Missing spacer images

We fixed a bug where spacer images were failing to load.
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