We are aware of some ongoing functionality issues of Onesend when using MS Internet Explorer and MS Edge as a browser and we have decided to discontinue supporting these browsers due to their non-compatibility of web standards and functionality. The persistent security vulnerabilities with Internet Explorer have also been widely documented and our decision has been made in the interest of user security and user experience.

Chrome, Forefox and Safari are regarded as modern browsers that adhere and contribute to the current web standards and therefore compatible with the Onesend Digital Marketing Cloud.

We will support MS Edge in the near future after Microsoft recently announced that they will be using Google's browser engine called Chromium in the future. Their article can be found here: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/12/06/microsoft-edge-making-the-web-better-through-more-open-source-collaboration/

If you experience any issue with Onesend that is not related to using Internet Explorer or Edge then please reach out to us via the usual support channels.
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