This feature can be utilised to mange current templates or create new ones. 

Select Campaign
Click on Manage Templates 

To create a new template 

Click on Build a Template
Select your layout from either the Themes or Modules, this is where you will find your headers, footers, banners etc.
Once chosen you can start editing the content of the template using the toolbar at the top,

or the action bar that is revealed when you hover over the module 

The Body Width icon can be used to increase of decrease the size of the body of the template

The Undo and Redo buttons undo any mistakes or redo any accidental deletes
The Edit Items icon is used to edit images and buttons

To edit an Image click on Edit Items and then select the image that needs to be edited. When you have selected the image that you want to edit, another toolbar will appear under the Edit Items,

from here you have the option to change the image by selecting        either  the folder icon. By selecting the document icon you can link the image to a document (e.g. Word or PDF), you can also link the image to a URL, as well as an email address. You can also add a link to a form by selecting the form icon or delete the image. 

To edit a button click on Edit Items and then select the button that you wish to edit. When you select the button a pop-up will open which will allow you to edit the button such as changing the name, the colour, adding a URL address and the general look.

Remember to click APPLY after you have made these changes 

The Edit Text icon can be used to edit the text in your template. To edit, first click on the Edit Text icon and then what text you are wanting to edit or simply click on the piece of text you are wanting to edit straight away to get started.
The action bar can be used to:

Clone a module

Shift a modules up or down with the two arrows on each end

Delete the module

Access the HTML source code

Once you are happy with the template be sure to Save Template

To edit a current template, 

Click on the template that you wish edit
If you are wish to edit click on Edit this template 

You also have the option to Clone this template or Delete this template

Once you have completed creating/editing your template the Toolbar also gives you the option to preview how the template will look in Mobile View and Screen View
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