Onesend has the capability for Head Office’s single point of contact to send out branded email campaigns on your behalf, that is coming from you and going to your subscribers. This saves you time and money! Just follow these steps below to set up your account for pushdown campaigns:

Set up your groups to be 'Parent Accessible'

Click ‘Contacts’
Click ‘View Groups’
Find a group you would like to receive pushdown campaigns from Head Office, and click ‘View Detail’s icon on the right hand side
Click ‘Edit this Group’, the first button on the top left
Click the third check-box for ‘Parent Accessible Group’
Click Save
Go back to ‘View Groups’, and your group you just made parent accessible will now be blue
Repeat this for however many groups you want to receive pushdown campaigns from Head Office

Ensure your 'from' details are all correct

Click ‘Settings’
Click ‘Communication Settings’
Ensure your ‘Default Sender’ is the correct name, as this will be the ‘from’ name in the campaign
Ensure your ‘Default Email’ is the correct email, as this will be the ‘from’ email in the campaign
Click Save

Ensure your other account details are all correct

Click ‘Settings’
Click ‘Account Details’
Ensure all your details are correct including email, phone, website and address. As depending on the push-down campaign from Head Office, they could be using wildcards that pick up this information.
Click Save
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