The first thing to note is that there's 2 ways to search for your contacts Basic and Advanced. Both of these are accessible on the Contacts > View Contacts page.

Basic Search

By default the View Contacts page loads with the basic search. With the basic search you can do the following:

Search by Phrase
Filter by Group
Filter by  Status
Filter by Subscription

Search By Phrase
enter a word/s in the 'search by phrase' field and you will see the contacts list begin to automatically filter based on the word/s you enter . The 'Search by Phrase' field will search the 'First Name' , 'Last Name' and 'Email' fields. You can even enter a part-phrase and it will work e.g. enter 'big' will show all people with 'bigpond' emails. 

Filter by Group
This dropdown field will show you all the static groups in your account, when you select one it will filter the contacts to show only those contacts within that group

Filter by Status
This dropdown field shows two options: Active and Inactive, you can either show only contacts who are currently Active or only contacts who are Inactive (pretty straight forward)

Filter by Subscription
This dropdown field shows three options: Subscribed, Unsubscribed temporary, Unsubscribed permanent.
Filtering by Subscribed will show only contacts that are currently subscribed
Filtering by Unsubscribed temporary will show only contacts that Unsubscribed temporarily.
Filtering by Unsubscribed permanent  will show only contacts that Unsubscribed permanently

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to filter your contact list using the data you have on your contact records. To activate the advanced search simply click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the screen just above top-right corner of the contact list table.

When you click the advanced search icon it will transition the Basic Search to the Advanced Search. To get back to the Basic Search, simply click the icon again.

In 'Advanced Search' you can choose as many data fields to search within as you like. You can choose to 'Match' ALL or ANY of the fields. By Matching ALL fields you will narrow your results with the more fields you add. By Matching ANY fields you will broaden the results with the more fields you add (The best thing to do is to have a play with this feature to familiarise yourself with it)
There's also a 'Save' feature allowing you to save your Advanced Search fields and criteria to use at a later date. To load a saved search just click the 'Load a saved search' link.

Field Settings

Here's a quick tip! you can add data colums to your Contacts List Table by clicking the 'Field Settings' icon next to the advanced search icon, here you can add and remove field data to be shown in the table, as well as select the number of row you want per page.

Once you have loaded your field data columns you can click on the column headers to sort the data based on that field/column
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