Follow these steps to create a basic webform 

Select Forms
Click on Forms listing
3. Click on Add a Form**

The form creator is set out in a step by step process

Step One. 

1.  Fill in the Name and Title fields. The Name is what it will be displayed for you as the admin and the Title is what will be displayed on the tab of your browser. The two can be the same.**
2.**  Choose a group for the new form
3. Provide a description or introductory blurb that will be displayed on the website  
4. Click Save

Step Two.
In this step you will first fill out the Admin Notification Settings** this is so that you can be notified when the form has been completed

1. Select the Email Subject for the Form, and fill out the email that it needs to be sent to.**2.** Select the form layout, this includes the label and description placement**3.** Select he confirmation type to either be  text or an image
4. Click Next

You have the option to pre-populate the form

Step Three.
Select the fields for your form, e.g. name, contact, address.

Step Four.
In this stage you can select the conformation that the client receives. It can either be a system message of your choice or you can redirect them to your website on completion. 

1. If you select System message, you are required to type a thank you message

2. If you select URL Redirect, it is required for you to insert your website URL in the Success redirect page section**3.** Click Next

Step Five.**In this step you have the option to set up an autoresponder that will send an email directly to the person when they complete the form. 

1. Fill in the Email Subject, e.g "Thank you for your subscription"**
2.** Fill in the Email From Address and Email From Name
3.** Select a Template for the Autoresponder
4.** Click Next

Step Six.

In the Form Preview section, you are able to adjust how the form is going to look, e.g. colour of background, size, type of font.**
2.** Once you are satisfied you can either Save or select the Complete option at the bottom of the page 

3. When you select Complete it takes you to a new page, from here you can click on Preview form to see what it will look like on your website

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