You can add a new contact in two ways:

Manually add a single contact
Import a CSV file

Important: To be SPAM compliant you must have the correct consent from the contact before adding them to your list.

Manually adding a new contact

Click Contacts in the main menu
Click on Add Contact 
Fill in the all the details that you have of your new contact. The only fields that are mandatory are First Name and Email Address.

To add your contact to a group, the second last field, start writing in your group or click to select which group you would like.

If you have created them, add one or more of your custom field sets to your contact by using the last field. For more information on custom field sets, click here.

Click Save

You can now go in at anytime and edit or delete your contact. Over time, you can also see what their message/web form activity is.

Importing a CSV File

Click Contacts in the main menu

Click on Import Contacts

Step 1 of the Import Wizard - browse your computer for the CSV file you want to import and select it

Step 2 of the Import Wizard - Map the columns in your CSV  to the fields in Epicuest. If you have column headers in your CSV file tick the 'ignore first row' check box to avoid importing them

Step 3 of the Import Wizard - Select a group to add your contacts to or create a new group to add them to.

Step 4 of the Import Wizard - you contacts will be imported... you can watch the progress bar to see how many have been upload and what percentage is remaining to be uploaded. Once complete you can view the import details by clicking the 'View' button

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