Follow the steps below to add a new segment (previously called group)

Add a new segment

Open Contacts

Click on View Segments

Click on Add a segment

Fill in the fields to create your new segment

Click Save


Parent: Add this group to a parent segment that you already have created

Source: You have the choice here to have your group as static or dynamic. Dynamic means you can build a search to your segment, as an example - You have a segment of only Males from Queensland, as soon as you have a new contact, if they are a male and from Queensland, they will automatically be added to this segment. You can also save the search - Males in QLD or you can load a previous search. Keeping your segment static, means you will manually have to add your contacts to this list.

Parent Accessible Segment: This option is used by franchises as by clicking 'yes', means your franchisor, can send emails on your behalf to this grou
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