Yes, you can manage most of the HTML. The Template builder uses predesigned HTML modules which you can drag and drop and rearrange to suit your template, these modules have been designed to be responsive - meaning the end newsletter will scale and change to fit the device they are being viewed on such as a phone or tablet...So you should keep html customisation to a minimum to ensure your template keeps its responsiveness.

To edit the HTML of a module is quite simple, once you have dragged it from the module panel to your design area simply hover your mouse over the module for a second or two, and you will see three icons appear to the right side of the module, click the </> icon and the 'HTML View' will appear underneath the module. Make your changes and click the </> again to close the HTML view.

If you have an entire Email Newsletter that has been custom designed and coded and you want to add that to your templates, click on the 'Add a template' button instead of the 'Build template' button, and you can copy and paste your entire code into a WYSIWYG editor and click save... this is great if you have templates in other systems as this will import all your template images and store them in your account.
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