Authorizing an Email is a lot easier to do that it sounds. Follow these steps:

When creating an email campaign, at 'Step 2 - Email Detail', enter a new email address into the 'Address' field.
If the email address has not been Authorised yet you will see that the 'Address' field will turn red and a new button will appear - 'Authorise an Email'
Click the 'Authorise an Email' button
A pop up window will appear, with the new email address preloaded ready for you to send an 'authorisation email' to that address. Click the 'Send Authorisation Email' button.
An email will be sent to the email address with a link/button to confirm the authorisation of the email address, to be used for sending from Onesend.
Check the inbox for the email address for the Authorisation email and click the link to finalise the authorisation.
Your new email address will now be authorised to be used for all future email campaigns
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